Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Life Lately

 We have been crazy busy lately, well not really but I was starting to feel really busy with two kids, and Russ working a lot.  But now we have sort of a rhythm going and it has been going a lot better.  I am still lucky if I can get out of the house before 11 am but its getting easier.  My mom has been BEYOND helpful, she will take C in the mornings sometimes when I have had a rough night of being up a lot feeding Elle.  We have had a rough start with nursing, she would latch but only sometimes, other times she would just cry and cry and so then I would get frustrated and just make her a bottle (pumped breast milk and sometimes supplemental formula) but I am happy to say the past week we have done 90% of her feedings by nursing.  I am so proud of myself because with C we never had that experience, and I promised myself I would give it a month with E and if it was just too hard on me I would just pump or think about other options.  It will be a month on Saturday (it went so fast holy crap) and I think we made it, nobody tells you how freaking hard breastfeeding is going to be or that your baby might not latch after you are engorged, or if she does then she might be the slowest eater ever in life and it takes an hour each feeding, or you might have problems with your supply.   Needless to say I am proud of us and myself because I did not think I would make it.  I have cried, and almost given up SO many times but I think I can honestly say that I want to keep going and that I actually enjoy it now! 
Charlotte is adjusting SO well to being a big sister, she absolutely LOVES Elle and whenever she is awake she will come up to her and say "Hiiii babyyy I just LOVE youuu" its so sweet and then she will tell me that Elle's eyes are open and she is SO happy.  I seriously lucked out, Char is awesome at being a big sister, and she hasn't been throwing as many tantrums and is being super flexible.

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