Monday, September 1, 2014


 My weekend consisted of snuggles, nursing, and trying to find a sunflower field. We never did find a sunflower field but it was a pretty great weekend anyhow, I am seriously going to miss Russ when he goes back to work tomorrow! I plan on venturing out with both girls tomorrow (with my mom too probably) and going on a long walk.  I cannot wait until I can go running again, I lost all my baby weight except for 7 lbs so 2.5 weeks post partum I would consider that a win! I need to definitely walk a ton more, and that will get me ready for running in 4 weeks!
Russ took these pictures today during nap time, and I know I will keep them forever.  I usually just wear my hair in a top knot these days, and do minimal make up, so I love that this just captures how we are right now in life.  I love baby snuggles, and this little bean gives the BEST, she sleeps the best right next to me and Russ, in the middle of the night after she nurses I usually just keep her in bed with us and that is when she sleeps the longest. 

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