Friday, October 10, 2014


Elizabeth got baptized and it was such a special day, our pastor who married us and also baptized Charlotte did it, E was legit freaking out in my arms before I handed her over to our pastor, and she immediately calmed down the second she started holding her.  It was amazing.  We could not have asked for a more perfect day either, it was in the 70s and we went to a park afterwards to have bagels and coffee. 

We went apple picking with some friends in from out of town, and literally we always pick the best day to go, it is kind of cloudy and yeah it was a little windy but the lighting was amazing for pictures.  Charlotte was in heaven she would pick the apples off the trees and take one bite and then give the rest to me or Russ.  We sure will miss apple picking when we move!

I did not think the girls looked anything alike until this picture:

they are just so sweet. I love them.
I have been trying to spend more one on one time with Char lately because I can tell it is getting to her how much time E takes up, and she is so much happier when I even just do a puzzle with her.  I hope she knows how much I love her.

These girls.  They are so cute together! Charlotte ALWAYS wants to hold her baby sister.

I LOVE baby wearing! It is seriously my favorite.  It makes things so much easier too with Charlotte because I have two hands free! I love my boba wrap, and I am about to get some solly baby wraps too, I literally wear her for more than half my day, unless she is eating or I am changing her diaper. It is a total life saver!
Charlotte still picks out her outfits every day, and it is just so funny sometimes to see what she ends up with, she will ask me to do her hair too including accessories.

Elle is already 8 weeks old...she will be 2 months on Monday, HOW is time going this fast??

Other then all that, Russ is going to visit North Carolina to check if he fits in at UNC at the end of October, so I am excited for him but not so excited to spend 2 nights alone with both girls...I might die...ok I am being dramatic but I am super nervous.
I am doing well, just getting ready for the move, halloween, thanksgiving, and Christmas!

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  1. You already know that I love your blog updates but your photos are SO GOOD! I just got a nice camera (forgot to tell you that) so I need to learn how to use it!!!