Monday, October 13, 2014


 We had a great weekend! Saturday Russ had to work so we had plans with my parents all day, then when Russ got home I had a much needed girls night out with my bff.  We always have so much fun together, and it was so amazing to catch up! Definitely listened to B. Spears circa the 90s the whole way home.  
We decided to go to the pumpkin patch yesterday to get our pumpkins, and it was the perfect day, cold but sunny and we got donuts too!
This fall has been one of the best so far, and we have done almost everything on our fall bucket list.  The weather has cooperated really well and it hasn't been to grey yet.  I am excited to move out of this weather though at the end of December, to somewhere WARM.  We aren't 100% certain yet where that will be so I can't say anything yet, but it will be soon.  
Elizabeth is 2 months old today. I literally CANNOT believe it.  I will do her two month post later today probably along with some pictures, but she is the sweetest, and I can't remember what our family was like without her. 

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