Friday, January 15, 2016

Picture update!

 We are getting a puppy!! His name is Nickel and he is a German Shepard <3
 The last day she was 3
 All she wanted was a princess dress that touched the floor, and my Mom got her those awesome sun glasses haha
 This is literally a snapshot of my life. #lifewithtwokids
 I got to be in one of my BFF's weddings, and thought my hair looked amazing!

 Olivia was the prettiest bride ever in life!

 Bridey and me <3
 My girls got to come to the wedding and had so much fun!
 Chopped 6 inches off...I love it!
 Selfie game on point E!
 We were sick of the rain, so we got our bathing suits on and played in the tub with bathtub paint, for a solid hour!

 Happy New Year!!!
 Char in the background saying "ewwww"

 Here's to 2016!
Cannot believe she is FOUR... #allthefeelings



  1. These are all such great pictures! I'm allergic to dogs so I'm so jealous of that sweet puppy! And, I love that picture of what your 'real life' looks's a lot like mine.

    1. Thank you!! Ha, life with kids is never boring, or clean lol.