Wednesday, May 21, 2014

27 week update

Pregnancy update...27 weeks baby bump! I was technically 27 weeks on Monday.  I didn't have to buy any maternity clothes up until today I finally got fed up and bought shorts, and a few t shirts.  Black and pink.  I don't want to buy anything else if I can help it but I literally only wore leggings, one pair of jeans (with a belly band) and sweat pants all day every day.  It was so humid today I was sweating balls and had to do something so I got Liz Lange jean shorts from Target.  They are actually normal looking and not ugly and don't squeeze my legs.  I tried on like ten pairs and fell over five times in the process...I hate trying on clothes with a belly my balance is all out of whack.  Plus Charlotte was constantly telling me "Mommy your tummy is HUGE" sooo that was fun.  The only problem is now I have to figure out how to shave my legs...WHY did I think being pregnant in the summer was a good idea? Oh well, I guess I will look forward to falling over in the shower now!
I am feeling pretty great actually, and I have been trying to stay as active as possible, the other day though when Russ and I were going on a walk he said to me "where do you want to waddle today?" hahaha I do waddle.  Well I kind of feel like I do.  My blood pressure is good, baby is measuring kind of small (just smaller than with C) but she is healthy, I am trying not to give into my ice cream cravings (frozen lemonade for the win).  I have had a few braxton hicks but other then that things are going pretty well.  It was SO humid today I got cankles, but honestly I don't mind because they will go away.  I know I say this a lot but I really cannot believe that we are this far along and that she will be here sooner then we think! We are so excited, and Charlotte says every day to my belly that she loves baby E.  

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