Monday, May 12, 2014

dandelion crowns

On Mother's day me and Char took a walk and collected dandelions to make crowns for everyone.  Russ caught us on the front porch making them, please excuse the dirty door we haven't really cleaned it since Cody girl passed away and Char gets it messy every day soooo in other words we are lazy...its probably fine.
I love these two more than words can say.  They are both so amazing, and oh my gosh I can't wait until the baby gets here so I can get back into SHAPE.  I am starting to get the fat preggers face, and my back hurts, I get cankles if I am on my feet too long...blah.  I LOVE the end product of all this, and don't get me wrong I am so lucky to get to have another baby, but srsly pregnancy and me DO NOT get along. 

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