Thursday, May 22, 2014

In my brain

1) We started potty training.  Day one: put her in her (batman) underwear and let her roam free outside...she stood on the porch and peed while waving to the mailman...yeahhhh she isn't ready.  Also we let her pick out her own underwear at Target and she chose superhero boys underwear, and floral girls underwear, I am pretty impressed and proud that she is girly and equal parts tom boy, and so is Russ because he is so nerdy he loves superhero stuff.

2) Ever wondered how many temper tantrums (I am talking full on scream crying throw yourself on the floor) someone can have in 20 minutes? 10. She had 10 in 20 minutes.  I now know why day drinking is acceptable.  (No I didn't have a drink, YES I wanted one)

3.) Russ has to work on Monday, and I was feeling sad about it because it is supposed to be 84 and sunny, so I complained to my bff and she has Monday off and suggested we go to the BEACH.  So now I am excited.  I just hope nobody minds my pregnant self trying to tan my white belly.

4.) My wedding rings don't fit anymore.

5.) I made dinner THREE times this week.  I am so proud of myself

6.) After tantrum 10 today Russ pulled out Char's comforter and it was magic she was so excited and I wasn't wondering how early I could possibly put her to bed anymore. 

7.) My cat has the WORST dingleberries.  It is literally the grosses thing ever.

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