Friday, May 9, 2014

What a week

 This week took a lot out of me, by way of toddler tantrums, Russ working late, and just rainy cloudy days.  I really shouldn't complain because its not like R is a doctor or out of town all the time, but I guess I am about 6 months preggers, so maybe that is why I am so tired? Once we got to Thursday it was 84 degrees and SUNNY so we took full advantage of it and went to this lake that is 30 min away from our house.  I haven't seen C that happy in a long time.  It was SO nice to just not wear coats, put on sunscreen and enjoy the sun.  C picks out most of her outfits these days so I never know what she will end up putting on in the morning, the other day she picked out rain boots, polka dot shorts, pink shirt, jean jacket, and her hat.  She is so funny about it I don't even make her change into something else, because it actually is so not matching that its cute! The girl has style! I got a boba wrap the other day in the mail (my mom got it for me, so nice) and I practiced on Char's baby doll and I am SO excited to baby wear this time around, with C I never did, I basically just had her in my arms or car seat, but I feel like this time around I really will need to while I run after my crazy 2 year old.  I was picking up Charlotte today to put her on the swings and I pulled something in my back, so currently I am laying in my bed with a bag of frozen peas on my back...hopefully it feels better tomorrow.  Thankfully Russ came home early so I didn't have to stand up anymore with C.  
Yesterday was my 4 year wedding anniversary with R! We had big plans to go on a progressive dinner: apps at one restaurant, dinner at another, dessert at another....well we got so full from dinner we didn't make it to dessert, but we did go get some pints of ice cream (which was the worst decision EVER in life) we were still so full from last night this morning we didn't even eat breakfast! Sometimes I hate being preggers because I can't even eat as much as I want to, and I get full SO QUICK.  
Have a great weekend everyone!! 


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