Thursday, June 12, 2014

5 things

1.)  I'm alive! I have been feeling so tired and have just been busy with life lately.  Charlotte has been so crazy lately, tantrums, mood swings, etc.  It is so tiring and hard to keep my patience every day but I am trying my hardest to just ignore it and tell her to use her words and not whine.  Easier said then done for sure.  She is so sweet though that it makes up for her turd behavior (most of the time) she gives my belly kisses and tells her baby sister she is her best friend.  She also is convinced that the baby lives in her stomach too, so she always tells me that her baby sister is hungry in her tummy...hahaha.
2.) I am 30 weeks 4 days today, shit just got real i feel like she is finally almost here, with only 8 weeks left I am just getting so excited, and nervous for life with TWO girls.  We have so many clothes for her I don't think she will ever wear anything more than once, my friend dropped off a box of hand me downs for her so that was awesome.  I am feeling pretty good, but just out of breath a lot (legit walking up the stairs makes me so out of breath its like climbing mount Everest)  also I get SO tired I feel bad because I can't do as much with C, but she has been really understanding and always tells me to "sit down and drink water" she was seriously meant to be a big sister! I can't wait for her to meet her baby sister! Really I just can't wait to have her out of my belly so I can fit into all my clothes again! 
3.) Russ is doing well, just really really busy he works all the time and I feel like I never see him the good part is that he is getting a lot done, and will be able to take some time off when the baby comes but the bad part is I am just more tired.  I guess it will be a good thing when he can help out for awhile when the baby comes.  We find out where we are going to move within the next month and I am just so ready to know.  
4.) C went on her first bike ride last week with Russ and she absolutely loved it.  So now they go all the time on daddy/daughter dates and I love it because I get to relax and they have fun so it is a win win for everyone. 
5.) We have peony gardens that are just so beautiful I could die and I got to do a photo shoot of my good friend and her hubby for their maternity pictures and the lighting was so perfect. 

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