Thursday, June 26, 2014

Life update

 Lately has been just a whirlwind of activity and fun.  I am really trying to update this space more for my records, but it has been hard with our crazy schedule.  We went and visited our really good friends in Ohio for a night since they were visiting from AZ where they recently moved.  It was SO great to see them (we missed you Cal!) and catch up, and watch the kids fall right back into playing with each other like no time had even passed.  They love each other so much, and we miss seeing them all the time!
 Boat Selfie, these two cuties love the water.  

When Russ left for a whole week (remind me never to let him do that again while I am 8 months pregnant) me and C had a LOT of bonding time.  We love each other but we so missed Russ, it is so hard for me to bend over and even walk anywhere with her but she was really patient with me and gave me lots of kisses, asked me if I was allright, and brought me (pretend) tea and cookies.

We went to a petting zoo/farm today and it was a complete surprise to me that C loved all the animals and wanted to pet them all (including the snake!) last summer she was SO scared of touching any animal other then a dog or a cat.  It was awesome.  She loves horses the most and we spent most of our time petting them.  We called R on the way home and he asked her what her favorite part was and she said "the snake daddy! He was so COLD" complete 360 from last year.  Awesome. 

My BFF Olivia came for a few hours on Saturday and it was seriously so great seeing her.  She is literally the nicest person in the world, and C adores her.  They played play-dough (omg don't get me started on how much play-dough play time we have had its insane) and laughed the whole time.  Come back soon Aunt Livi!!

When we were up north last week on our girls trip, me and C had to share a bed.  She is the worst person to share a bed or a room with because she moves like a tornado, and sleep talks, sleep screams, and KICKS.  I honestly didn't get more then 3 hours of sleep each night.  She is so cute when she sleeps though I forgave her :)

In other news I am pursuing photography as a hobby! I have taken a few clients on (my good friend's maternity pics, and my brother and SIL's anniversary pics) and I cannot WAIT to keep moving forward with it.  It has always been a passion of mine and I just love to take pictures.  I will update this blog soon on those photo shoots, but right now I am working on my very own website! Lots of exciting things happening, and not very much time until this baby girl makes her appearance!!

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