Monday, June 30, 2014

Stuff Charlotte Says

Russ: Oh man
Me: What?
Russ: I burned my grilled cheese
Char: He's okay he's just being a big baby

(While riding in the car looking out the window)
Char: that puppy! He's just chillin there

(getting dressed in the morning)
C: Look Mommy I'm wearing my belly band too! (pulling her shorts up to her belly button)

C: (burps) wow that was a GOOD one
Me: What do you say?
C: I burped!

(while driving, I tend to get small spurts of road rage)
C: Annoying people right?

C: I want to see your nipples daddy
R: Let's go get you some clothes on and we can talk about my nipples another day

Russ: Did you poop?
Char: Wanna see? It's just a little guy (pulls her pants down)

Russ: (Trying to get his feet out of the bumbo)
C: Daddy, LAY DOWN you're driving me NUTS


1 comment:

  1. Thi is hilarious!!! The nipples one has me dying! My daughter tries to touch my boyfriend!