Monday, June 30, 2014

33 week update

 Me: Lulu's dress 
C: Hannah Anderson 

The lighting was so perfect tonight me and C couldn't resist taking some pictures, she is so cute she says "take a selfie" hahah wonder where she learned that from? (Probably me and Aunt Lisbef) So Russ graciously took a few pictures, and I love how they turned out! He didn't want to be in any pictures because he was wearing scrubs. In my (33 weeks) bump picture standing up it looks like I am WAY bigger then I actually am, I think the wind or the dress just makes it look big...or maybe I am delusional and I really am that big...oh well whatever only 6 more weeks!!!!!
I am getting so ready to meet this little girl, the heartburn has been awful lately, I have restless legs, can't get comfy at night, and am up a lot peeing.  This part of pregnancy sucks.  I am so excited to meet this baby, and so are Russ and Char.  Today we gave C one of the babies newborn diapers to practice on her babies, and she turned one of our old cabinets into a changing table it was literally the cutest thing ever in life.  C still thinks there is a baby in her tummy too, and she told me the other day that her baby sister likes trucks, and cookies.  Good to know C, thanks. 
I don't really have any cravings anymore, but I can't eat that much sugar/sweets because I get super shaky and have to lay down.  So I have been trying to eat a lot of protein and that seems to be helping a LOT.  I am just really exhausted, and everything just makes me tired.  I feel so lazy, but I know I am just growing a human so I should take it easy on myself.  

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