Thursday, August 21, 2014

Life with two

 Life with two kids? Harder then I ever imagined.  And its only been a week.  Needless to say we are tired.  So tired.  I just literally feel hung over every single day, E sleeps for 3-4 hour stretches usually so at least that is good.  The second night we were home she was up until 3:30 am though cluster feeding and being kind of fussy.  We are doing better now, but she still sometimes doesn't latch right away and gets frustrated which in turn makes me frustrated and then I just break down and cry.  Hormones are just crazy right now, and I cry over the dumbest stuff.  Last night when E was getting her diaper changed and she was crying? I just started bawling myself...cannot wait until these hormones straighten out!
Charlotte loves her little sister, the two things she says all the time are: "She is so tiny mommy!" and "This is my little sister" its so sweet.  She is having a kind of hard time adjusting though and is throwing lots of tantrums, not listening, and being naughty in general.  I think its terrible twos combined with not being the center of attention anymore.  
Yesterday Russ went back to work and so i was alone with the two girls, it went better then I expected it to, but man is it exhausting! I think it will get better once E gets on a least I hope!

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  1. Baby girls are soooo stinking cute! Having one is hard but two?! Hats off to you!