Sunday, August 31, 2014

Elle baby

 Every night I think is the night I am going to get 3 or more hours of sleep...but 11 pm rolls around and baby E just wants to party.  She is up until 2 or 3 usually nursing on and off, I know I will miss this time together some day...but not right now.  I am running low on patience! Then C will wake up usually around 6 am these days and want to come in our bed to snuggle...I am one tired mama right now.  Elizabeth is so alert compared to how Char was as a baby it is really cool to see her eyes open a lot more, I just wish she could be less awake from about midnight on haha.  We gave her first official bath last night, she looooved it! We have another water baby! 
This morning I showered, did my hair, make up, and got dressed in real clothes, it seriously did wonders for my mood, while I was getting ready Charlotte decided to read to Elle and it was THE cutest thing ever.  I feel so lucky to be these girls mama, they are the sweetest, and I know once we get into more of a routine it will get easier.  Elizabeth has quite a few nick names now, Char calls her "my baby" and we call her baby E, Ellie bean, Bean, Elle Belle, and just Elizabeth.  So even though we are tired, we are hanging in there!!

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