Monday, January 12, 2015

Home Tour: Girls room

 I know I have already posted some pictures of the girls room but I wanted to give you a better feel of it using my big camera :) I just love their room! It turned out so cute, and I just love all white furniture with pops of color.  As E gets older, another twin bed will fit in this space, but hopefully we will be in a house at that point and they can share a room or have seperate spaces.  Charlotte loves sharing a room, and that she has a built in best friend.  I know this move has been hard on her, but I think her room is a special place for her to hang out and reminds her of our old house.


  1. I love the girls' room! Everything is just so light, but the randon splashes colors brighten up the whole room. It's good that you kept the decorations to a minimum. It'll give the girls a chance to decorate it the way they want to, once they're all grown-up and for the task. Thanks for sharing that, Amy! All the best to the whole family! :)

    Grady Schwartz @ iDesign

    1. Thank you Grady! I really like the decorations being minimal too :) Thanks for stopping by!