Saturday, January 3, 2015


Happy New Years!! We spent NYE with one of my BFF's and her boyfriend who drove from TN to our new place to help us get settled in.  We drank wine, Britt did my hair, and we didn't get dressed up until 11:30 and then took pictures.  It was perfect and so relaxing.  New years always has been such a great new start and this year we celebrated in a new state! We have been here a little less than a week now but it already is feeling like home.  Russ worked so hard getting everything put together, unpacking boxes, and hanging things on the walls.  I love our new place and it has so much space, I will post pictures soon! 
My resolutions this year are:
1.) Step outside my comfort zone- basically it just means meeting new people, exploring new places, and trying new things.  In a new state this will be pretty simple as everything is brand new.
2.) Be intentional with my time- with Russ, the girls, friends, and family.
3.) Get in shape- we start on Monday with T25, then from there we are starting Insanity again, cannot wait!!

That is it.  I am keeping it simple so it is easier to stick to them!  
Hope you all had the best NYE!

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