Saturday, January 3, 2015

Charlotte turns 3

 C is THREE!!!! I can hardly believe it. She is 36 lbs, and 39.5 inches tall.  Still in the 90th percentile for both.  She requested chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting, with fairies and 3 pink candles on top for her birthday.  That and chocolate ice cream.  When we woke up Russ made pancakes, we put balloons everywhere, and C opened her presents.  The rest of the day we just played, unpacked more, and hung out.  Then we got Chipotle (C loves their guacamole and chips) and then had cake and ice cream and called it a day.  

Dear Charlotte,
Happy birthday baby girl!! I can hardly believe you are already three years old.  You bring so much joy to our lives, we love watching you learn new things and teach your baby sister.  You find fun in everything that you do, and your imagination is by far the best I have ever seen.  You would play all day if we let you! You love your baby dolls, running, riding your bike, hair bows, wearing your PJs all day, your rain boots, play dough, puzzles, reading, and your baby sister.  You hate when it is time to go to bed, trying new foods, or when it is time to eat.  You are amazing at making friends, and when people feel sad you give the BEST hugs.  Since you turned 3 you promised you would try all the foods we eat, and so far you have done an amazing job! You like spaghetti, mac and cheese, grilled cheese, and tacos.  You also like deli meat as long as it is thin sliced.  You eat peanut butter sandwiches now too.  
I love you to the moon and back Char, thanks for making me a mom!

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