Sunday, January 25, 2015

E is 5 months! (1/13/15)

Stats: 5 months old
Not sure height and weight since our well visit isn't until next month.
I cannot believe that you are 5 months old already!! How on earth did the time go by this fast? This month you have had some major sleeping issues...I think it has to do with teething but I am really not sure.  You go to bed around 6:30-7 pm and then wake up around 10-midnight and sometimes you just want your pacifier back, but other times I have to hold your hand for 5 minutes to get you back to sleep.  If it is midnight we usually feed you again and then you will sleep until around 5 am, but baby girl I can't wait for you to sleep through the whole night like your big sister.  We are so tired.   That being said you are SO much fun! You laugh, smile, babble, roll over from front to back, sit up, and it is just so fun to see you recognize all of us.  You get SO excited when Charlotte pays attention to you, and she can get a smile or a laugh out of you by just saying hi to you.  One of the sweetest things in the world is watching you and your big sister together.  You have started to eat rice cereal in the morning and you are pretty good at keeping it in your mouth, and we are going to start other solids when you start getting teeth.  
Happy 5 months to you Elle we couldn't love you any more!!

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