Wednesday, February 18, 2015

mom life

 I got barfed on today.  I picked E up and she barfed on me.  In my hair.  It wouldn't of been a big deal but I also got pooped on today too.  And my cat left her poop everywhere.  Also? when I went to work out at our apartment gym the treadmill just stopped after I ran 1.1 miles...
It just wasn't my day.  It started out great, Char picked out my outfit (I got inspired by an article I saw on facebook where this 2.5 year old boy dressed his mom for a week) She actually picked out a super cute outfit too, but by noon I got pooped, and barfed on so I immediately changed into sweatpants. 

Good thing this 6 month old and her sister are super cute, we have the best lighting in our room and E still stays still long enough for me to take pictures of her, Char is just over them at this point in her life because of the momarazzi that I am...Oh my gosh have any of you ever heard of (this is not sponsored) I am so addicted it is crazy.  


  1. When it rains, it pours doesn't it?! That really is mom life...being drenched in all sorts of stuff! Haha! Your two little ones are adorable!

    1. Ha yes exactly!! It is like Murphy's law or something!! Thank you, yours are SO cute too :)