Tuesday, February 10, 2015

crazy kids

 Hellooooo! I have been wanting to blog but my kids have been crazy the past few weeks, teething, colds, tantrums, growing pains, and I don't even know what else probably gas? But it has made for very LITTLE sleep at night so I have been grumpy.  Good news is E got her first tooth it popped through this morning finally! So we aren't crazy she really WAS teething.  I just kept telling myself she was to make up for the lack of sleep and insane drooling this kid was doing.  It is so cute! but she is like a puppy and always wants to gnaw on you and everything, no wonder she got a cold.  There was a night last week where we got maybe 2 hours of sleep and I just kept thinking that this could not be real life.  But it was, and thank goodness for caffeine and my mom (who got lots of phone calls of me crying) because we got through it! 
Over the weekend one of my best friends and room mates from college along with her fiance came to visit us! We hiked, walked, went out, and had so much fun with them.  We went on a hike at Jordan Lake and it was one of the prettiest days, and views I have seen thus far here in NC.  I am just now today recovering from all the fun we had.  
Other exciting news is I signed under Rodan and Fields (makers of proactive) and am now a consultant for them! If any of you need anything or want to chat let me know I would love to talk skin with you! (I am such a nerd I know) 
Also I am going home in March and originally I was going to drive but I had to use my Southwest points before March 12 so now I get to fly business select and get a free drink on my flight!! I am so excited to go home with no kids, and just worry about my own crap.  Also 2 nights of sleep sounds pretty freaking amazing right now.  

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