Wednesday, December 5, 2012


20 days until christmas :) 

i think char baby uses my hair to hide stuff in. i found 2 blueberries yesterday, first a banana now blueberries...

she is so cute, and her hair is growing a LOT and getting super curly!

my favorite show ever in life is new it! its amazing.

we are taking our christmas fam photos this weekend!! i can't even wait.

the hubs is only 5 lbs away from his goal weight i am SO proud of him.

 top: target, jeans: lauren conrad
char: target
 look at char baby's curls!
 in awe of the tree she literally sat there for 10 min staring at it (then she started pulling ornaments off)
 top: mden, hats: target
char: von maur
long enough for bows!!!


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