Thursday, December 27, 2012

christmas happenings

I'm back! sorry its been so long...i don't even know where to start! we got paid last friday and had to do some major christmas shopping (i never EVER go that late and i was so stressed out with all the last minute shoppers I got wrong sizes of everything) moral of the story never ever ever go that close to christmas ever again!

then we had to wrap everything...i got really lazy and wrapped like an 8 year old boy...its probably fine char baby and the hubs don't care at all.  it was Char's first Christmas! she loved eating and playing with the wrapping paper, i think she loved everything people got her.

i got food poisoning on saturday night and threw up everything and slept all day on the was actually kind of nice the hubs brought me things and i slept and it was that much faster to christmas! i woke up feeling great christmas eve and we went to our church's pageant which char LOVED seeing all those angels, and the other kids.  then we had dinner and opened gifts that night, and of course i got christmas insomnia and couldn't fall asleep so i took a nyquil and ptfo and woke up at 7 because of course i was SO EXCITED!!! and then char baby didn't wake up until of course we had to wait on her to open her presents.  then we went over to my in-laws to open gifts.  it also SNOWED so we finally had a white christmas it was wonderful.

and now i am so tired from all the festivities but we have to gear up for C's FIRST birthday on like hasn't hit me that she is going to be one.  then i was thinking about it and it means I am going to be 26 soon and THAT is even freakier.

also it snowed like 7 inches yesterday! i am like a little kid when it comes to snow i seriously get so excited i can't even handle it, i just want to go out and frolic, so i tried to with Char but she was over it in like 5 min but she looked SO cute in her snow pants, and i also realized she really needs some real boots.  its supposed to snow more tomorrow too i really want to go sledding!

anyways that is what has been going on in my life, i have to go get ready to see crazy med school!
 crazy snowing!
 hanging out with the girls
 she is so cute omg
how cute are her snow pants??


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