Sunday, December 2, 2012

ugly sweaters

we have had a busy few days over here. the hubs and i went out 3 nights in a row which hasn't happened since college...and i am so tired from it! but it was worth it, we saw old friends, celebrated 2 birthdays, and wore some ugly sweaters, it was a blast! char baby is sick so she has been whiny, clingy, and an all around joy to be around lately.  happy december :) its 60 degrees and raining...i wishhhh it was snow. 

 top: old navy, jeans: target, scarf: von maur
char baby has been clingy and teething so she just HAS to be in every picture or hanging on dramatic
 sweaters courtesy of our mothers closets (i am counting this as an outfit picture, i'm bad and didn't take any pictures of my outfit friday night, ask the hubs i did shower and look cute EVERY day)
 top: old navy, jeans: joes jeans
 happy december! (funny story and probably TMI, i was actually going to the bathroom when i took this picture, and the hubs was running back and forth trying to hide because he was only in his undies! at least char looks cute hahahaha)
bff Mel's bday was ugly sweater themed (SO much fun) also R is in the background looking super awkward...its probably fine! like my glasses? I swear my mom and dad had some of these gems when i was born


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