Sunday, December 16, 2012


my weekend was wonderful, it was so so awesome to see so many people i hadn't seen in forever!

and now i'm exhausted and just want to lay on my bed and watch movies and eat popcorn and ice cream.

as you all know on friday was that shooting of kids in CT.  i was sick to my stomach and crying hearing about this. i just cannot even believe something like that can happen.  i can't imagine what those families are going through.

anyways. highlights of my weekend:

1.) seeing amazing friends

2.) going to Savas (best food ever in life)

3.) lighting my hair on fire (yes this really did happen to me)

4.) walking a mile home from the bar

5.) on the walk home finding a toilet decorated with stickers in the front yard of a house (only in Ann Arbor)

 before russ' work holiday dinner, we never look this nice so its mandatory to document it
 omg. C loved Santa.
 bff OB (she loves stripes too)
 the yard toilet!
 long lost loves reunited
and this is when my hair caught fire hahaha


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