Monday, December 3, 2012


-I have a confession: i didn't get dressed today. i just wore leggings and a sweat shirt...i did shower though! I am just going to do the outfit thing one day longer to make up for it. 

-so the hubs and i have been doing insanity, we are half way thru and i am SO amazed at my results like seriously, i NEVER thought i could do it, and i couldn't of done it without the support of my amazing work out ladies (S,SH,L and A) and also my hubs who motivates me like no other! 

-the other day char had banana for a snack, literally like 5 hours later i was running my hands thru my hair and a BANANA fell out. hahaha

-char is feeling much better today! and she slept forever it was amazing.

-22 more days until christmas! 

-i hate when my feet smell.

 day 1 and day 30
i'm sorry to brag but i am super proud of myself!
its beginning to look a lot like christmas! (except the weather, stupid 65 degrees, i want SNOW!)


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