Saturday, December 8, 2012

Crazy C

 thurs outfit on left: sweater: h and m, leggings: target (i look funny because char is trying to pull me to walk with her)
fri outfit: sweater: calvin klein, tank top: target, jeans: joes jeans
char is wearing tj maxx

so this week has literally flown by...i subbed weds, thurs, and friday at a high school chemistry class...didn't do much but i actually really like high schoolers they are pretty nice, and i literally just wore casual clothes every day.  

i can't wait to get a nice camera, i literally take every picture with my phone, and i love my phone but it will be nice to have a higher quality pixel picture!

yesterday morning the hubs shirt was on backwards AND inside out, he didn't even notice. hahaha

this morning me and my mom went shopping and of course i bought char baby some more christmas outfits...they are so cute i can't even handle it.

 Papa G and C reading
crazy C


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