Thursday, December 13, 2012


well everyone I did the whole get dressed and shower thing for 30 days, and I am done.  It was hard, and I don't have that much patience to keep it up.  so today i am wearing sweat pants ALL day.  and i just braided my hair.  I think my whole body needs a break from getting dressed!

I did learn that I have a lot of cute clothes and that i have a lot of respect for people with 9-5 jobs that HAVE to get up and dressed every day.

anyways! my cat snores and its hilarious, i think its because she is so fat so she kind of wheezes.  we tried putting her on a diet, but my other cat is super skinny and needs to eat more so it didn't work out.

this weekend my bff OB is coming, also having a girls night with some old work friends from GLPO, and Sunday is the hubs holiday other words i have to look cute 3 days in a row again...the hubs just said "so you feel like you have to go shopping probably" and yes, i kind of do need new skinny jeans (black or forest green is my new obsession).

i want to go to a ball and wear a long gown, i was watching gulianna and bill and she gets fancy all the time for E! news and red carpet stuff. i haven't worn a long dress since my wedding!

what me and char baby did today: NOTHING it was amazing, she is just the best little half body EVER
i have so much fun with her :)
this is my fat cat callie snoring away 


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