Sunday, June 16, 2013

Fathers Day

 Happy Fathers day to my awesome hubs!! You are such a great dad, it was like you were meant to be one, you are so calm, patient, and fun, Charlotte is one lucky little lady to have you as her dad! In honor of the hubs, here is another installment of stuff the hubs says!

Me: I look like a hot mess...
Hubs: Well, I wasn't going to define it but you just did

(watching C jump on Francisco our large bear)
Hubs: Save a horse...ride a bear

Me: I am so annoyed
Hubs: want me to dance?

We went on a hike today around where we live, to try out the back pack again needless to say Char only lasted about 10 min in it before she wanted OUT.  Oh well, we had a great time anyhow and it made us look forward to all of our camping and hiking trips this summer!  We got coffee before hand and so I had to go to the bathroom SO bad but there weren't any porta potties or anything so I had to pop a squat, and just as I was just about done C yelled out "MAMA PEE PEE" like about ten times as loud as she could...thank god nobody else was there.

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  1. Super cute post. I have one question though. Is there supposed to be a blue in the picture of Russ and Charlotte from the back? Maybe you blurred out a person? If not maybe it was a happy father's day spirit walking down the road? :)