Thursday, June 13, 2013


Some days are just days where Charlotte picks out her princess dress, and comes and plays in her playroom upstairs while I am getting things picked up or getting ready.  Today she picked out her own outfit (and necklace) and decided to let her imagination run wild so I decided to put down what I was doing and snap some pictures!  She learned how to say "belt" "allright" and "see ya soon" today and it was the sweetest thing when she said bye to the hubs.  He has had a not so great week and I am sure when C said bye to him complete with a hug, kiss, love you and see ya soon it made his week a little bit better!

Tomorrow we have a wedding to go to, thanks to my parents for babysitting so we can have an adult night out, and then the rest of the weekend is ours to do what we want with, we can't wait to spend some quality time hiking, playing, and hanging out together!  C and me had lunch with the newlyweds (my bro and SIL) today before they headed off to Hawaii on their honeymoon tomorrow (I am so jealous).  It was nice to see them without everyone around, they are seriously perfect for each other, and I hope we live near each other when we get older so that our kids can be close too!

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