Monday, June 3, 2013


Bachelorette weekend was a success! We had so much fun, got no sleep, went hot tubbing, went on a wine tour, met some new friends, went to some super cute bars, and watched bridesmaids.  I loved Saugatauk, MI it was literally the cutest little town I have ever seen.  The weather wasn't the best but we didn't even care, it was just fun to be together.  The first night we all wore black and M wore light pink, second night we all wore tank tops that said "Mel's Crew" and hers said "The Bride" that was my favorite night because it was so relaxing.  Now I need a weekend to recover from my weekend...but no time because it's wedding week for my brother!! Another bachelorette party for my future SIL on thursday, and then the wedding festivities begin!

In other news I had a math test today and got 100% you guys. 100%.  SRSLY I never have gotten that good of a grade on a math test EVER! I also got another parking ticket.  ughhhh.

Charlotte also turned 17 months old on Friday, which is CRAZY to me because she seriously cannot be this old already.  She has learned all her body parts and says them all day long her favorite is head and elbow...ha.  She came down with a nasty cold over the weekend (of course this happens whenever I leave) and on top of that is teething like crazy so its niagra falls drooling.

 //the girls waiting for two more of the bridesmaids//
 //our little cabin in the woods//
 //me and bridey//
 //K and me on the porch before our wine tour//
 //such a pretty winery//
 //this is about 6 wine tastes later...I usually make that dumb face after a few drinks in pictures//
 //all of us at the winery//
//our awesome shirts my FIL made//

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