Thursday, June 20, 2013


I am still here! I have just been having a hectic week, and a little bit of writers block.  We go camping tomorrow through Sunday so we have been packing, and getting stuff ready, my bestie Olivia came for a night last night, we have been enjoying the outdoors and sunshine this week a lot.  I have also been trying to stay off my phone and computer while around Charlotte.  I read an interesting article (I wish I could find it again but I am having no luck) about how kids really watch what you are doing, so I have been just enjoying my little girl and family without my phone or computer around so she sees I am interested in what she has to say and I have to say its been really nice to just be electronic free lately! I am so excited to go camping it is one of my favorite places ever, and the peace and Lake Michigan always make me feel like a new person again.  Have a wonderful weekend!

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