Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Just some pictures

One of our favorite places in our town is the Arb peony gardens...they are the prettiest flowers (in my opinion) ever in life, and Char loves smelling them it is so cute I can't stand it, she will go up to every one of them and pretend to smell it.  Lately we have had a LOT going on, with weddings, being away, lots of people in and out of our house, school, and work.  With that being said we are really looking forward to a weekend of relaxing just the three of us quality time.  It is also fathers day on Sunday and I am so excited we have a whole day planned for the hubs because he is the best dad in the whole world to C! Also he has been so stressed out with work (and other stuff I won't mention on this blog) that he just needs a day to seriously relax and know that he is appreciated.  I get so protective of him sometimes that when people are passive aggressive or rude to him I just want to punch them or yell at them (he never lets me though...).

Also the hubs got new glasses! Aren't they awesome? I am a little obsessed with them, and not going to lie I always tell him to wear them instead of contacts because he looks so great in them.  He told me when he got them that he feels really hipster, but I told him its probably fine so he got them anyhow.  I have a sock bun in my hair in this picture because my hair is at a really awkward length, too short for some things but too long for others so I usually curl it or wear it in this bun...super interesting I know.

This may win for most awkward fam photo ever in life actually...and my neck vein is popping out its probably fine. 

This dress.  This picture was taken on a super rainy day and we decided to play inside but C insisted on wearing shoes anyhow AND socks.  

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