Wednesday, June 26, 2013

some gems

Today I woke up and thought it was Thursday.  I was kind of mad it wasn't because that meant it wasn't almost the weekend after all...I also woke up with a weird stomach thing and felt like crap (literally if you know what I mean).  I had to go to my math class though to take my final, so I sucked it up and ate some crackers, and ginger ale (thanks hubs) and off I went.  I am DONE with my second semester back!!! Yayy me! I have no school for over two months I am srsly so happy.  The hubs and I have gotten sucked into watching Downton Abby.  Oh my god it is SO GOOD go watch it right now.  It is literally all I can think about, I am obsessed.  Anyways these pictures are from college, I was looking through my iphoto organizing and came across these gems.  I felt like a bad mom yesterday and today because I was feeling so bad all I did was lay on the couch because I had no energy, so tomorrow I am taking C to the pool and having a no electronics BFF day.  I cannot believe she will be 18 months old on Sunday.  It literally boggles my mind.  Happy hump day!

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