Wednesday, September 11, 2013

12 years ago

 12 years ago I walked into Mr. Strauss' 9th grade civics class and heard about the planes hitting the two towers.  We went down the hall to a different class to watch footage, our day/life instantly changed.  I remember calling my Dad as he was on a business trip at the time and seeing if he was ok.  My mom was at home and told me she worked in one of the towers a long, long time ago, I couldn't believe this happened.  I remember being at swim practice (which was optional I think) and talking to my friend about this and how weird it was that the date was 9/11/01, it gave me chills.
I think I will always remember where I was, and I think everyone will remember.  It is up to us to tell our children about this, as it is apart of our history and something to always remember.  

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