Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Good day

 Today was a good day, I got to spend mostly all of it with C, and didn't have to go to class until 7 p.m. it was a nice change! We went to the park with some of our besties and took some pictures.  My friend J took these and she is SO awesome at making C smile, she is just the best.  Fall weather is my favorite.  I love layering. I love scarves. I love the leaves changing. I am crazy obsessed with the sky lately.  There has been some amazing sunsets/sun rises and it just is great for the soul! The hubs is laying next to me right now snoring away, ugh not falling asleep first bothers me I get really nervous and annoyed so I usually end up waking him up and then falling asleep.  He really is the best.  I get nervous sometimes since we have been together so long that we won't still love each other, but then I remember why I love him so much in the first place. We have so much fun together, and we also are best friends so it just works.  We are probably (most definitely) fine.

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