Sunday, September 22, 2013

no more naps

 I am that mom. I love being twins. It is so fun. Today Char slept in until 9 am...or so we thought, turns out we had turned off the monitor by mistake yesterday bc she wasn't napping so we just ignored her.  So who knows when she actually woke up today but we slept in forever so it was amazing! I went through all of C's old clothes today and cleaned out her drawers and closet and put them in a bin for the future babies we have.  I think C is just done with naps. She hasn't napped in 2 days. Either that or we need to put up black out shades on her windows again.  It makes me so upset when she doesn't nap because I need that time for my own sanity. This morning we went to a park that has a small animal farm next door and when we went to visit the animals the goat tried to eat my sweater hahahaa.  

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