Wednesday, September 4, 2013

summer is coming to an end

 Summer is coming to an makes me so excited for fall and sweaters and layers, and halloween, the holidays, and ELF.  I love the end of summer because of the sunflowers.  They are one of my fav flowers ever in life.  We are trying to enjoy as much time outside as possible because C constantly says "outside mama, WALK" so we go outside like 10 million times a day and we have to bring "DOH-DEE" (cody our dog) otherwise her life is ruined and she throws herself on the floor dramatically.  I am telling you it is a rough life for a toddler.

So recently C takes like an HOUR to calm down for her naps in the afternoon.  I really enjoy nap time because I catch up on stuff, or just am lazy most of the time, she transitioned pretty young to one nap a day like probably around 9 months, and so I am hoping she isn't growing out of naps in general.  I talked to the hubs and he agrees that she should get an hour of "quiet time" a day until she is 5 for my sanity alone.  Being a mom is the hardest job I have ever had, and the most exhausting.  I never understood how hard it was until I had her.  Most days I swear C will be the only child, but then I see cute babies everywhere, or C will give me sweet hugs and kisses and I will change my mind.  

Anyways happy September!

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