Thursday, September 26, 2013

melt down

I literally almost had a melt down today, full on crying, punching my pillow, and yelling all because this one wouldn't nap! (I didn't) So I went to her room, got her blanket, her softy, and her and put her next to me in bed.  Worked like a charm, she PTFO right away.  I don't know weather it was just that she needed some snuggle time or that she is coming down with a cold but sometimes we all just need our moms right? I had to sneak out of there to get my homework done.  I couldn't resist taking a few pictures before I left though.  She is so cute when she sleeps.  I read somewhere that when kids sleep with their arms above their heads it means they are fully relaxed and happy.  I hope that is the case, I needed to do this homework, and can't concentrate at all when Char is yelling MAMA over and over again.  Still love you baby girl :)


  1. One of those days huh!? But it is so hard to stay mad at them!

  2. Yes...I know they are so cute it is really hard to stay mad at them!! :)