Wednesday, September 25, 2013


 Soaking up this fall weather! Yesterday me and my mom and C went to the outlets to get a bunch of stuff, and C ended up with a lot more boys shirts than girls.  I just love how plain and simple the boys stuff is, I am not so much into glittery girls clothes.  So I am happy with all her long sleeves, and boots she got and she is obsessed with boots lately so it was a win win.  Today I put Char down for a nap around 1, so far she has pooped twice, wanted water once, yelled "MAMAMAMA HELLP" and "POPPOP CODY" "a million times, and banged on the wall. She won. She is in my bed right now reading books happy as a clam.  I think once she gets a diaper change its all over.  I just had a ton of homework to do so as long as she was quiet and entertaining herself it was fine.  One of my mom friends bought me and the hubs a groupon date night!! I am so excited. She is just the best.  Last night we had a mom night in, 5 of us got together and drank wine and talked our hearts out without any littles interrupting us! We are going to do it every month, and I am just so excited it was so fun to get to know them a bit better and I am always one for some wine and yummy food! 

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