Sunday, December 22, 2013

Joy of Christmas

I love my almost 2 year old little girl!!  Yesterday was pretty much the best day ever!! I won a 1000$ grant for school next semester, I finished Christmas shopping, and got to hang out with my little fam all day long.  Even if I do have a cold/cough/sore throat thing I could care less I am in such a great mood!!!! Today we are making chocolate chip cookies for Santa, and finishing wrapping all our presents.  I love this time of year!! We were talking about traditions we want to start for our family and so we are going to give Char one present to open on Christmas eve which will be pajamas for all of us to wear that night, and then put out cookies and milk for Santa, and then we are going to read "The Night Before Christmas" in our bed.  After C goes to sleep we will put out all the gifts, and eat the cookies.  I am so excited for these traditions.  I just looooove Christmas.  On Christmas morning we will make this yummy breakfast treat from the hubs side of the fam called Sticky buns, and then open presents and stockings.  I can't wait.  C is going to LOVE her presents!!!

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