Monday, December 16, 2013

just another manic monday

Oh Monday. I feel like Monday's always sneak up on me and kick my butt.  C did NOT sleep well the past two nights, up every 2-3 hours like a newborn again...her two year molars are poking through so she has just been a hot mess for the past week or so.  She drools like niagra falls, snot is constantly running out of her nose, and she whines if ANYTHING doesn't go her way.  She has been a real joy to be around these days.  I cannot wait until teething is over with.  I was really not in a good mood this morning and yelled at her for crying.  I felt awful because I know her poor gums are probably really hurting her, but after 10 tantrums before 9 am, I really lost my patience.  I had to take a mommy time out and take deep breaths.  I realized she is almost two, doesn't know what is going on in her mouth, and just wants her mommy to understand and snuggle her.  I changed my attitude right around, and we did some Christmas crafts and made cards for people.  This age is so hard.  C doesn't know how to voice what is going on sometimes and I just need to take a step back and try and be as patient as I can.  Yesterday she was playing with my in-laws nativity set and kept rocking tiny baby Jesus and giving him kisses, and saying "night night baby Jesus" it was SO CUTE.

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