Sunday, December 1, 2013

new traditions

We were supposed to both go to my friend M's ugly sweater bday party last night, but C ended up throwing up about 20 min before we were about to leave, I took her temp and she didn't have one and she was acting normal and running around like crazy.  So we left her with my parents, but almost as we were about to get on the highway my mom called and told us she had barfed again and said her tummy was hurting.  So the hubs went home and I ended up going to the party with my friend instead.  She threw up like 2 more times and then PTFO, and today she hasn't barfed once.  We think it was most likely food poisoning or something.  So we decided to just go ahead and cut our tree down anyhow, Char loved the horses and we got a great tree! It was the first time for the hubs and C to go, I have been going here since I was little, it was so fun to start our own family traditions and I think both of them really liked it! I love the holidays!

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