Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Nursery tour

 The nursery is pretty much done, it just needs a few more pictures and some stuffed animals and then it will be complete.  I know I am nesting hard core, but whatever it makes me have less anxiety for when baby girl is born.  I love how her room turned out, and we only bought the dresser (99$) , and bookshelf (35$) from IKEA, and then a basket, and a few frames for 20$ total.  All of the other things we already had, which worked out great since it is another girl.
I am 22 weeks prego and I think I officially popped, and no longer feel like people think its a beer belly.  This time around is pretty much the exact same as when I was with C, it is nice to know what to expect.  I am trying to stay as active as possible, which is pretty easy running around after C all day long.  I have the worst pregnancy brain, I literally forget everything unless I write it down on my calendar or set an alarm for it.  I forgot it was Monday when I woke up yesterday...its probably fine.  I crave pizza, carrots, frozen lemonade, fresh fruit, milk, diet coke, fries, and mac and cheese.  I also get heartburn like WOAH, she better have tons of hair is all I am saying.  I am so excited for her to get here, but at the same time so nervous that I won't have enough time still for C.  I know it will all work out but two kids will probably turn me into a hermit for awhile!

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