Thursday, November 29, 2012

What's on A's Phone?!

i really want to go to australia this summer for our friends wedding. like more then anything. so i look up tickets every day for them. sigh. still like 2000 dollars a ticket. 

i subbed this morning for my fav students! i can't wait to have my own class room. also i am thinking about working 2 nights a week when i start school at a restaurant or something for some extra money. i really want to start saving more money for when we actually get a house of our own...i am undecided at the moment though if i want to actually work nights again. 

tomorrow char is going to be 11 months old. where on earth did the time go?!? i know everyone says that but seriously i can't even handle it sometimes. also yesterday i told the hubs i didn't want anymore kids after char wouldn't go to sleep, and seriously put me in the worst mood ever...but then she woke up and hugged me and said mama and i forgave her, and now i want another kid (when she is 3).

you know how some days you REALLY could go for a glass of wine and maybe some extra cheesy pizza and some chocolate cake? today is one of those days. 

anyways here is what is on my phone, i will take an outfit picture later and post it tomorrow.

 reading before bed
 char baby loves sitting on the stool and rocking it herself
 the hubs snapped this pic of me napping and mawy looking so content i love it
i realize that this face is NOT attractive
but C loves this face we call it her rhino face
i sent this pic to R and he promptly made it my picture when i call him
he cracks up every time


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