Monday, May 27, 2013

3 day weekend

//we don't get many pics of just the two of us anymore, i love this one!//
//crazy med school and me//
//S and her dad walking down the aisle//

 This weekend was amazing. It was just great for my soul (I know that is super cheesy...its probably fine). I seriously have the greatest friends ever in life.  Two of my BFFs came for a night and we just had the best time.  We went to our friends surprise wedding which was so beautiful, the bride (my friend S) was gorgeous, it was in a cute backyard, and seeing the love between the two of them made me cry.  Her daughter little M ran down the aisle to hand Char a rock she found during the middle of it...hahaha.  We left the wedding and put char down for her nap and opened a bottle of charles shaw (at 3 pm) and it was just so relaxing! Then we went out that night and just had the best night ever in life.  Those two just get me, and I am so lucky they could both come stay for a night! Sunday when I woke up I went to check on them and they had Francisco (our huge bear) spooning them, I almost died laughing... after they left we just had a relaxing day and picked up my mom from the airport, had a BBQ over at my in-laws, and ran 5 miles it was such a great run and perfect weather for it.  Today we had a picnic and had my brother and his fiance over for burgers, every weekend should seriously be a 3 day weekend.  Thank you to all who have served, and are serving every day.  These next two weeks are going to be so crazy, it's wedding season!

 //C and her beautiful aunts//
 //love these two//
 //they are just the best//
 //petting some animals//
 //my head is huge, hats never fit, i literally shoved this one on my head and had a huge line when i took it off//
 //running after some chickens//
//strawberry bum//
//skinny arm//

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  1. Love the fedora. <3

    You and your friends are beautiful.