Tuesday, May 7, 2013

quick trip

//super awkward fam photo//

This past weekend was crazy busy, we went to see Shrek the musical at our old high school on Friday night, it was suprisingly really great! I loved the movie though, nothing will ever compare.  Then Saturday morning we got up bright and early to head to my future SIL's graduation (omg they get married in like 4 weeks...) but turned out we got a really mean guy as a ticketor and he wouldn't let us in with our stroller, or our diapers in the bag, or without a ticket for Char.  Stupid. On the website it didn't say anything about ANY of that...plus the guy my mom got let strollers and babies in...so we turned around and left and took that awkward photo in the parking lot.  ANYWAYS as we were driving our car started shaking weirdly and the check engine light came on, thank goodness we were right by an Uncle Ed's and stopped in to get our oil changed and just to check the engine...200$ later our car was fixed and we could be on our merry way to Chicago.

Well just then Char decided to have a complete meltdown so we stopped at a park and let her play for half an hour to get her wiggles out...after that we left and started our long drive to Chicago.  Monster baby.  She only slept for half an hour and literally would scream unless one of us was back there with her (even then she was so whiny) needless to say I think we made it to Chicago in record timing because we drove like 85 MPH the whole way.  Once we got to our hotel we immediately changed into our bathing suits and went swimming, Char definitely used to love the pool...NOT Saturday, she screamed until I took her out...then we got ready to meet our good friends from college for a mexican feast for cinco de mayo, we had margaritas and some super yummy food.  It was so great seeing them and catching up.

That night we all went to bed at 9 p.m.  The next day we packed up and went to the botanical gardens which were some of the prettiest gardens I have ever seen, all the tulips were up it was gorgeous.  We met my baby BFF L and her hubby for brunch, they had just moved to Chicago so it was amazing to see them plus L is 6 months preggers with a baby girl! We took a picture of all the girls, and just walked around catching up.  After that we left to go home and C promptly fell fast asleep for about 1.5 hours of the 4 hour trip.  When she woke up she was a monster again.  We made it home and she slept until like 10 a.m. the next morning.  We are never going away for one night ever again until she is much MUCH older.

Class started for me on Monday and omg I haven't taken a math class since like 2008, so I am super rusty on everything.  Thank god the hubs is great at math, although he said he would tutor me but that his rate is 30$ an hour...dummy.  I got a weird sinus infection and have had awful allergies since Sunday so that is why it took me until today to function to write this post.  I literally have been sleeping all of my free time, until today I took excedrin and sudafed and it cleared it right up. Tomorrow is me and the hubs 3 year wedding anniversary!