Wednesday, May 29, 2013

stuff the hubs says

So the stuff the hubs says is srsly so funny I decided to tell you all some of it.  He has the most dry sense of humor ever in life, and it has literally taken me 8 years to actually understand he is joking 90% of the time...

(talking about a small child who is really badly behaved)
R: She just needs to stop coddling the little sh*t

Me: I think Char is falling asleep in the backseat
R: (shaking C's foot) Don't fall asleep, I will slap you.

(after a really bad temper tantrum from C)
R: kids really are the worst

Me: Char just woke up from her nap
R: Just ignore it

Me: (freaking out about fractions)
R: Calm your sh*t

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