Thursday, May 23, 2013

ready for the weekend

 //shirt: Pitaya, pants: Nordstrom Rack//
//charlotte: dress: hand me down, pants: target//

I seriously have not been having a great week.  Hot pink pants made it a little better though, and the fact that Char has hot pink pants too was a bonus.  First of all math class.  We learned fractions the other day and I just about cried in class because I am SO not good at fractions.  Then our weekend plans got cancelled.  I just had my hopes up so high for actually getting out of town for once for memorial day.  Then I got a parking ticket...partly my fault bc the meter ran out 5 min before I got there but I really had to pee after class...when I got home I stepped in dog poop.  Then Char was running around naked outside because it was really hot and she came up and hugged me and promptly peed on my foot.  I mean I guess thank you? The hubs gave me a big hug and made guacamole and gave me chips with hint of lime.  Made my day turn around for real.  This weekend turned around because two of my besties are coming to visit and having a girls night.  Thank goodness for good friends who cheer you up. 

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  1. those pants are so cute!! as are both of you!