Wednesday, May 8, 2013

3 years of wedded bliss...or something like that!

Today is me and the hubs 3 year wedding anniversary...I can't even believe how fast these past 3 years have gone! The best years ever.  I love that the hubs lets me be weird, and that we have funny voices we talk to each other in sometimes, and that we have dance parties at breakfast and other random times, I love that he just makes me laugh constantly, and that he is so smart.  He is my best friend and I am so lucky to have found him all those years ago...we have gone through some hard times, and some awesome ones, and I can't wait to see what the rest of our lives have in store for us.  Some things I have learned during my short 3 years of marriage are:

go on date nights at least once a month with just you two, leave the phones in the car.  It is important to keep that spark alive and to remember why you dated in the first place!
communicate we went through long distance for 2 years of our dating life and it was sooo hard but we talked a lot and it made our relationship stronger, we go on walks after dinner now and make sure we hear about each others days, or just talk about what our hopes and dreams are, its nice to sometimes know that the other person supports you.
do little things even if it is just leaving a bowl for his breakfast out, it doesn't go unnoticed.
turn off the tv and just talk for a few hours once a month or week or whatever, its sometimes nice to just stay up late talking or dreaming about the future
plan vacations even if it is in the future, planning something fun always makes us talk about what we want to do, and we have a list for when we have money of places we dream about going.

Those are just a few little things I have learned, I am sure I will learn a lot as we get older but its nice to know we don't hate each other yet! I read somewhere on an e-card or something that the secret to marriage is that you both don't want a divorce at the same time...hahahah anyways I will leave you with  some pictures of our wedding day...

 //my favorite part of my dress was the back, also this is one of my fav pictures!//

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